Group Health Insurance

We offer the best plans available!

Implement our Preventative Care Management and employees receive an average of $150-$180 off the cost of health insurance per month!

Low deductible plans that provide refunds to employers when the employees have a healthy year. Employees can pay as little as $40 a month for low deductible major medical health insurance!

Example of Health Insurance costs with Wellness Plan:

Average Major medical monthly insurance cost                     $ 600.00 

Average employer monthly contribution (60%)                     ($ 360.00)  

Average After Tax Allotment Credit                                        ($ 160.00)

Average employee monthly insurance cost                            $   80.00  

Do you want to increase your employee benefits at no charge? You can keep your current group health insurance plan and use the Preventive Care Management after tax allotment credits to provide between $150 – $180 of supplemental benefits at no charge! 

Supplemental Benefits At No Charge!​

Types of Supplemental Insurance Plans

A. Gap Plan – Pays the deductible for hospital stay and outpatient surgery

B. Accident Protection – Pays claims for accidents that normally would go towards the deductible

C. Cancer and Critical Illness Benefits – Pays a lump sum if diagnosed with cancer or other critical illnesses

D. Short Term Disability – pays up to 60% of the salary if the employee is considered disabled.

E. Life Insurance

F. Legal Services and Identity Theft Protection

Benefits include:

• Employers receive on average $525 a year per employee of FICA savings.

• Low deductible plans that provide refunds to employers when the employees have a healthy year.

• Free employee benefits include Teledoc, Virtual ER, Teledental, addiction counseling, marriage counseling, Diabetes, and weight loss program and many how-to wellness videos.

 Already have health insurance? Use the Preventative Care Management credits to secure supplemental benefits, at no charge!

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